/as / (say ahs) Colloquial (taboo)

1. the rump; bottom; buttocks; posterior.
a. the bottom, base or tail end of something.
b. the seat of a pair of pants.
a. a despised person.
b. a fool.
4. impudence: what arse!
5. one's body or person; oneself: get your arse out of there.
6. sexual intercourse.
7. people viewed collectively as sexual objects.
phrase (arsed, arsing)
8. a bit (or piece) of arse, a person considered as a sexual object.
9. a boot up the arse, swift punishment or retribution.
10. arse about, in reverse or illogical order: he did the exercise completely arse about.
11. arse about (or around), to act like a fool; waste time.
12. arse about face, changed in direction; back to front.
13. arse over tit (or kettle){{}} (or apex){{}} (or turkey), fallen heavily and awkwardly, usually in a forward direction.
14. arse up, to spoil; cause to fail.
15. cover one's arse, to protect oneself.
16. down on one's arse, out of luck; destitute.
17. get off one's arse, to make a real effort (to do something).
18. get one's arse into gear, to become organised and ready for action.
19. get the arse,
a. to be dismissed, especially from employment.
b. to be rejected or rebuffed.
20. give someone the arse,
a. to dismiss someone, especially from employment.
b. to reject or rebuff someone.
21. kick arse,
a. to assert authority by being violent and aggressive towards people.
b. to defeat opponents soundly.
22. kick someone's arse,
a. to beat someone convincingly.
b. to reprimand someone severely.
23. kiss my arse, (an expression of derision.)
24. make an arse of oneself, to behave in a way that others view as despicable.
25. my arse, (an expression of disbelief.)
26. pain in the arse, an annoying person, thing, event, etc.: this computer is a pain in the arse.
27. … the arse off someone, (used after a verb as an intensifier): her speech bored the arse off everyone; he worked the arse off his apprentice.
28. up Cook's arse, NZ (an expression of disgust.)
29. up your arse, (with verbs of action, as ram, shove, stick) (used as a derisive retort): stick your job up your arse.
Also, US, ass. {Middle English; Old English ears}
Usage: Australian English has the pronunciation /as /, but, in certain terms derived from arse which originate in US English, there is an awareness of the US spelling ass and its pronunciation /æs/. Individuals choose to adopt one or the other spelling and pronunciation according to their sense of whether they are adopting an Americanism or not.

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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